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Understanding Patients

Previous Lesson Next Lesson Understanding Cosmetic Patients By: Catherine Maley, MBA The more you understand how a cosmetic patient with a credit card thinks, believes and acts, the more successful you’ll be, and the better decisions you’ll make. I wrote the book on it (get your Free copy in Bonuses.   Lesson Files Powerpoint Slides

Charge Premium Prices

Previous Lesson Next Lesson Charge Premium Prices By: Catherine Maley, MBA If you are tired of playing the price wars with nearby competitors, there is a better way. Execute these strategies to attract quality patients who areglad to pay more for your expertise.  Lesson Files Powerpoint Slides

Differentiate or Die

Previous Lesson Next Lesson Differentiate or Die By:  Catherine Maley, MBA There is not shortage of cosmetic service providers. That confuses would-be patients and makes it difficult for them to choose. Execute these creative strategies to stand out in an uber competitive marketplace.  Lesson Files Powerpoint Slides

Take-a-Ways of Top Practices

Next Lesson By: Catherine Maley, MBA I interview top cosmetic practices all over the world on my Beauty and the Biz Podcast so for my 100th episode, I compiled a list of 10 take-a-ways the most successful practices consistently be, do, have. Please model them for your own success. Lesson Files Powerpoint Slides

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