Lesson Category: Cosmetic Patient Attraction Strategies

More Patient Leads Checklist

Previous Lesson Next Lesson More Patient Leads Checklist By: Catherine Maley, MBA Since cosmetic patient leads are the lifeblood of a cosmetic practice, you need a bunch of them coming in. Use these creative strategies to keep a steady stream of new leads coming in.   Lesson Files Powerpoint Slides

New Patient Strategies

Previous Lesson Next Lesson New Patient Strategies By: Catherine Maley, MBA Of course you want new cosmetic patients but where are they? Before you go broke guessing, first watch this. You’ll get clarity and then strategies that work best for you.  3.0 Lesson Files Powerpoint Slides

Website Strategies

Previous Lesson Next Lesson Website & Digital Strategies By, Catherine Maley, MBA Just because you have a nice website, that does not mean it’s working hard to bring you new cash-paying patients. These strategies not only attract more patients online, but they also convert them to paid procedures more often.  Lesson Files Powerpoint Slides

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