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Leadership Skills

Previous Lesson Next Lesson Leadership By: Catherine Maley, MBA To build a successful cosmetic practice, you can’t do it alone. You needa team supporting you, and your team needs to be led by you. These leadership concepts will be mind changing and vital to your long term success.   Lesson Files Powerpoint Slides

Know Your Numbers

Previous Lesson Next Lesson Know Your Numbers By: Catherine Maley, MBA “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”, said Peter Drucker, well-known consultant and author of 50 books on management. You will discover the most important numbers to know the health of your practice and to identify issues now, before they become major …

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Hold Staff Accountable

Previous Lesson Next Lesson Hold Staff Accountable By: Catherine Maley, MBA Staffing is the biggest challenge when running a cosmetic practice. That’s because you are working with human beings full of beliefs, backgrounds and behaviors. Use these strategies to manage your team so they work together for the good of the practice. Lesson Files Powerpoint …

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