Lesson Category: Marketing Strategies

Email Strategies

Previous Lesson Next Lesson Email Strategies By: Catherine Maley, MBA Email is still the most effective marketing channel to promote your services and keep in touch with your patients.I’ll show you how to do it to get a response.  Lesson Files Powerpoint Slides

Social Media

Previous Lesson Next Lesson Social Media Trends By: Catherine Maley, MBA Social Media has become a major marketing channel to attract new cosmetic patients. Use these strategies to get better results and a wider audience. No dancing necessary unless you want to 😉 Lesson Files Powerpoint Slides Social Media Ideas for Plastic Surgeons

Marketing Plan

Previous Lesson Next Lesson How to Set Up a Marketing Plan By:  Catherine Maley, MBA You will go broke trying to be everywhere, for everyone, offering everything. Discover smart marketing strategies that save not only save you time and money, but also get you much better results.  Lesson Files Powerpoint Slides

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