Lesson Category: Scale Revenues and Retain Patients

Secrets to Scaling

Previous Lesson Secrets to Scaling By:  Catherine Maley, MBA If you are the main (or only) revenue generator, that puts a lot of pressure on you because the money stops coming in when you do. So this video will show you how to grow your practice using the resources you have without dramatically increasing your …

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Fastest Path to New Patients

Previous Lesson Next Lesson Fastest Path to New Patients By: Catherine Maley, MBA Before you spend any more time and money attracting new cosmetic patients to your practice, let’s first consider who is most likely to become your patients and where they can be found.   Lesson Files Powerpoint Slides

Creative Pricing Strategies

Previous Lesson Next Lesson Creative Pricing Strategies By: Catherine Maley, MBA As they say, “If you lead with price, they will leave for price” so it’s time to be more creative. Discover how to make attractive offers your cosmetic patients will love and you’ll love the additional profits you keep.  Lesson Files Powerpoint Slides

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